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Assistive ICT for blind


From several years MM develops a line of research on the availability of information for visually disabled people - blind and visually impaired. Research in the last 2 years related

• availability of information from the touch screen devices (smartphones and public use device), see publication,
• availability of documents and Web pages that contain formulas and / or mathematical graphics, see publication (only Polish language),
• communication in the field of mathematics sighted  with blind persons, including persons using Braille, see publication.

In particular, the study include work on alternative and multimodal interfaces , see publication, using

• convert MathML-to-text-to-speech, MathML-to-text-to-Braille and reverse conversion,
• Braille keyboard emulation on the QWERTY keyboard,
• virtual mathematical keyboard on  QWERTY keyboard,
•  transformation of graphical objects on touch screens in the linear structure on Braille display.

Also, research and development of the interfaces are conducted on the use of multi-touch gestures, see publication,
• to navigate the application on the touch screens,
• to navigate on mathematical formulas and
• to edit formulas.

Are also carried out research and development work, with positive results, on the interactive, multimedia mathematical documents for blind students (also for sighted people) based on the standard EPUB3.
The results of these research are implemented in platform PlatMat which is being developed currently in IMM.  The multimodal  PlatMat is the platform  to support visually  disabled students in math education  and  to support teachers in direct communication with students
The PlatMat platform is  created in a research project cofunded by government. For more information visit page PlatMat.




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