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Research and Development


The Institute's research and development in computer science and technology concentrates on:

• innovative information technologies used in lifelong learning, remote group communication, information management, person identification and presence detection, access and quality control;
• programming and hardware tools for biometric technology (including our own biometric devices) in access control and attendance registration systems;
• software intended for state and local administration, enterprises and non-profit organizations that    supports the management of documents and information, the organization's management and operation,    remote training, remote group communication, presence detection, access and quality control, and database creation;
• Internet knowledge databases relating to innovative technologies, products and services for enterprises, electronic training content, research tools, studies and analyses for enterprises and administration;
• technology transfer, organization of start-up incubators and technological parks;
• standardization and unification.

In general, the main goal of the Institute is to put ICT research results to practical use, and disseminate them through IMM’s publishing activity.

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