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Modelling and Simulation


In the Modeling and Simulation Department (BM) the R&D work on modeling, simulation, and semantics technology applications to e-training systems is conducted. Such systems are designed for acquiring by trainees operation skills with use of computer simulation, 3D graphics, and computer games technology.

The R&D work relates to 3 areas:

• design of individual trainers-simulators for training of operators of mobile objects (mainly robots),
• design of group trainers-simulators for training of teams jointly carrying out particular tasks,
• creation of semantic models of environment on the base of observations made by 3D laser systems.

The BM Department uses specialist equipment in the form of Trenażer platform for designing computer trainers for operators of inspection-intervention type robots. This platform was built as a result of the R&D project financed by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education  “A platform for designing and producing software for computer trainers for mobile inspection-intervention robots” marked OR00004604, lead by Prof. Andrzej Masłowski.

The Institute of Mathematical Machines uses a 3D mobile mapping system (mobile robot equipped with a 3D laser measurement system and a mobile NVIDIA GRID/Citrix system) in the implementation of the following research projects lead by Doc. Janusz Będkowski:
Testing a mobile system for supporting spatial design (No.: LIDER/036/659/L-4/12/NCBR/2013)
FP7 ICARUS ”Integrated Components for Assisted Rescue and Unmanned Search operations”

The BM Department has an experience in designing and implementing of computer tools for e-training:
a) a simulator of special-tasks mobile robot was designed in 2009 and has been implemented in the Police Training Center in Legionowo;
b) a simulator of Inspector inspection-intervention mobile robot developed by the Industrial Institute of Automation and Measurement, with use of original control console of the robot, has been also implemented in the Police Training Center in Legionowo, and is currently used for training in the Special Training Department.

In the BM Department two research Integrated Projects of the 7 Framework Programme of the EU, both of them under leadership of Prof. Andrzej Masłowski, are conducted:
a) the project no. 284747 “Toolbox Implementation for Removal of Anti-personal Mines and SUbmunitions” (TIRAMISU);
b) the project no. 285417 “Integrated Components for Assisted Rescue and Unmanned Search operations” (ICARUS).

TIRAMISU project will be carried out by the consortium of 24 partners in the years 2012-2015. The BM Department takes part in the task “Education and Training” and is responsible for:
• individual simulators of robots, with application of augmented reality (AR) technique, destined for detection and removing mines;
• a group simulator destined for training of teams conducting demining actions;
• a set of computer games for children education on risk related to danger of mines and other explosive objects.

ICARUS project will be carried out by the consortium of 24 partners in the years 2012-2016. The BM Department takes part in two tasks:
• development of computer trainers-simulators for the integrated system of rescue actions assistance in crisis situations, based on co-operating, mobile, unmanned, partially autonomous ground, aerial and aquatic vehicles that are to be managed by a mobile decision-making system;
• development of the system itself for making decisions and controlling their execution that are to be a core of the designed system’s components integration.

In the BM Department also a scientific research project, financed by National Science Center, is conducted under Dr. Janusz Będkowski leadership: DEC-2011/03/D/ST6/03175 “Methodology of creation of semantic models based on observation made via mobile robot”.

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